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Historical Statues Get Dressed in Clothes!


What happens if you put clothes on some of the most famous statues in History? Does the way we dress indicate who we are?

Léo Caillard, photographer, in his project “Street Stone” asked for the help of his friend and artistic director, Alexis Persani,  in order to dress in a modern way some of the Louvre’s statues in Paris, dating from the Renaissance to the 19th century. To accomplish this, they took pictures of the statues, then asked their friends to be photographed in the same position, wearing the specific clothes and accessories. Finally, using Photoshop, they managed to “marry” those two different worlds. Léo Caillard says about his project: “It raises the question: what is the importance of clothing in modern society? The way we dress says a lot about who we are. If we put modern garments on old statues, then they cease to be just figures from the distant past and look like people of today who could come from any metropolis in the world.”

Grotesque or pure sacrilege, this way the statues look different, indicating how much influence our style has on our image.