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SUCABARUCA by Luca Nichetto


“Sucabaruca” is a coffee set that consists of a porcelain coffee pot, 3 cups, pour-over dripper, and maple wood tray with walnut legs. The collection is designed by Venice and Stockholm based designer Luca Nichetto for Toronto based gallery and shop Mjölk. The set is made by local artisans, ceramicist Alissa Coe, and by woodworker Adrian Kuzyk.


The set debuted as a prototype during Luca Nichetto’s first North American exhibition at Mjölk January 22nd 2014.

Luca Nichetto said: ‘’For many years now my life has been divided between Stockholm and Venice, the town where I was born and where Caffè Florian – among the oldest cafés in Europe – is, I immediately came up with the idea of ​​designing a coffee set that aims to combine the modern ritual of filtered coffee, which unites several countries including North America and Scandinavia, with the renowned tradition of my land, where coffee has been a cult drink for centuries’’.

The collection will be available to purchase Spring/Summer 2014.

Text: Iraklis Taxiarhis

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