Art & Design

“Summer house’s a beautiful house” by k-studios



Athenian architecrure studio k-studios designed a vacation residence in the island of Skiathos, Sporades. Main goal was the creation of a residence based on the greek summer and its needs. The aim of the Plane House, as it is called, is to merge internal and external space, maximazing the benefits of both and minimazing the impact on the surrounding landscape  Architectures created a big, united and public space so as to be covered different needs at the same area. To avoid block volumes that split and dominate space, horizontal planes are inserted into the slope, immidiately providing zones for sunbathing, sleeping and dining. Space between the planes is defined by various flexible panels and glazed screens. The pool is also strategically placed to enjoy the view but to create a cooling breeze over the terrace and into the house as the north wind flows over its surface too.