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The Apartment Gallery: New location

the appartment

The gallery The Apartment started in 2001, in 1939 Syndagma square, its aim to represent eclectic artists from Europe and America and to promote new Greek creativity in Greece and abroad. In the next few weeks the gallery moves location to a neo-classical 300m2 building on Ithakis St. in Kypseli. According to gallerist Vassilis Doupas “the new space allows us to host more ambitious exhibitions as well as a dynamic program of speeches and events. Hopefully the new venue will result in attracting art-lovers and captivate other arenas in one of Athens most multi-cultural and innovative neighborhoods.”

The exhibition’s program is arranged by Emy Avora. Avora has developed the intercontinental exhibitory integrity and the pieces that are purchased from important international art collectors. The exhibition marks the launch of The Apartment in the new Greek scene with a worldwide displacement.

The gallery Τhe Apartment is located on 29 Ithakis St. The closest metro station is Victoria. For more information, contact 210 3215469.