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The Dual Portraits of Chris Slabber from Ink Dissolved in Water


The idea of Chris Slabber was to work on a cloud of pigment and to create two faces, so that when you turn one 180 degrees, a second one can appear. Its name: doppelgänger.

1. A German word, deriving from “double” and “ghost”, used to describe someone who trully resembles somebody else, without any biological relation between them.
2. The new project of Chris Slabber with dual portraits, made of ink dissolved in water.

Chris Slabber is a digital artist and illustrator from South Africa, whο has won a design award for his work, “Haezer”. In his latest project – a series of pairs,  each member of which is essentially the other side of the same coin, poses the following questions:

When you are a coward, would you recognise the hero inside?

When you suffocate, can you reclaim your breath?

When you are down, can you get back up?

When you live too much in future’s past, can you bring yourself back to reality?