Art & Design

The Knickers Dress by Antoine Peters


London’s Outlet, KesselKramer, invited different designers, artists and stylists to come up with interesting ideas as to transform everyday objects into something completely different and unusual. That is how Antoine Peters came up with the idea of transforming the one everyday thing we all use: underwear.

The aim of the project is to show not only how simple things we use daily can be recycled into something completely new but also how human’s physical interaction is capable of working on new ideas and through concepts on screen by using as little additional material as possible.

Peter collected as much underwear as possible, cut them into strips, tied them together and knitted them to a whole new colorful dress.

The full collection of transformed works will be show at KK Outlet throughout September as part of London Design Festival and the ICON Design Guide whereas each item will be for sale during the show with all proceeds being donated to the St Monica’s of Hackney Primary School Art Department. The exhibition will be on until September 25.


Source: Blend