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The Rotatable World Clock Tells The Right Time Anywhere! (Video)


Masafumi Ishikawa is the name behind this dodecagon clock that displays the time of 12 major global cities without needing any physical adjusting to the hands of the clock. The World Clock is rightfully the Winner of the 2012 Lexus Design Award, for it can indicate the time of any zone.

Every side of the dodecagon clock, belongs to a different city of the world, so if you want to view the time of another country, you just have to roll the World Clock to the desired city/side and you have it. No matter how many times you rotate it, the clock hands will remain in the same position – only the numbered hours will change but will be set in the right order.

clock 1

The perfect traveler’s gadget and a minimal plus stylish addition to any home.

Check out the video below to see how it works!

WorldClock_proto from masafumi ishikawa on Vimeo.