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This is a magazine: Compendium N.6 Pink Laser Beam

COMPENDIUM N.6 PINK LASER BEAM from This is a magazine on Vimeo.

OZON recently received the 6th printed Compendium from This is a magazine and the entire team couldn’t put the book down. The interactive layout of the magazine invites the reader to explore their DIY skills with each book. This issue includes constructing your own OMG obelisk by aids-3D, an evolution of 3-space with custom anaglyph-glasses, a star map by Grant Willing, playing cards and much more. The 6th edition refers to the sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick’s final novel ‘Valis’ where the protagonist is transmitted to outer-space by extra-terrestrial beams of pink light. The magazine seems to defy all stereotypical logic of common publications with hidden meanings unfolding in time and space literally and metaphorically. The 180 pages seem to dilate your perspective with scored, punch-cut, embossed, drilled and folded works on paper or plastic. At €39 a copy this compilation of ‘netart’ will excite all to enter this giant cosmic puzzle!

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