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Transfinite installation by Ryoji Ikeda

Transfinite installation by Ryoji Ikeda

The ‘transfinite’, is an interactive installation by Ryoji Ikeda, Japan’s leading electronic composer and visual artist, that takes place in the Armory venue, New York until June 11th. Ryoji Ikeda’s fascination with data, light and sound led him shape music, time and space by using mathematical methods while exploring these phenomena as sensation and their relation to human perception.

The ‘transfinite’, consists of a wall that acts as a screen for streaming video projections. On one side there are horizontal black, gray and white stripes and bands divided into left and right sections that scroll downward while electronic music plays aggressively by powerful speakers. Bar-code-like patterns extend across the white floor in front of the wall, where visitors can dance, mediate and relax. The installation is like walking in an animated Op Art painting. On the other side the floor is covered with black fabric flooded by complicated numerical and graphic data projecting flows of information.

Watch it on the videos below:

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