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Unconventional Interior Design for ANVRDIE Showroom


ANVRDIE / Angels Never Die is a brand for women who are unrestrained by convention and who like to take their outfits one step further. Tactile conceptmaker Nightingale has been working with the Istanbul based brand to redevelop their identity, breathing new life into the original story while keeping true to its roots. After the ANVRDIE logo and new season collection lookbook, Nightingale developed an interior concept for the brand’s headquarters in Istanbul with a sexy, edgy and feminine look.

As with the development of the new identity, it was important that the interior concept would reflect the dichotomy of Istanbul, this new and vibrant city with a rich historic background.  There are references to the heritage interpreted in a modern way: the floor tiles are hexagonally shaped but made from industrial multiplex wood and wrap up the walls. Messing – traditionally used for bowls, pots and jugs –  is applied here to the reception desk and bar, which are sculptural, geometric elements in the space. In the reception area, a rough metal mesh canopy references the traditional dome found traditionally in Turkish architecture. “We really wanted to create a total experience, something that is different and has never been done before”, explains Stijn Nachtergaele (founder Nightingale).

From the softly lit reception area, the showroom is entered through a dramatically lit brand experience area highlighting a selection of clothes from the collection. From there the collection can be discovered in the showroom part, an area with white degrade multiplex panels. Messing hooks on the panels allow for the presentation of silhouettes for clients.  Accessories are also displayed on metal mesh cubes. Next to this is the bar area. “This is an informal meeting point that perfectly reflects the typical Turkish hospitality”, says Stijn.  Here, clients can enjoy homemade Turkish Delight and a modern version of the apple tea.

The office area houses in the same building, separated from the showroom with a slimline steel structure made of metal mesh panels. This structure offers separation but also more opportunities to merchandise clothing. The use of metal mesh panels for various elements was deliberate. ANVRDIE clothes are well known for their use of textures and embroidery creating a sexy edgy look.