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VIDEO: 23-Year-Old Bjork Advising Us


Entertainment website Pigeons and Planes uploaded a video of 23-year-old Bjork, dating back to 1988. The Icelandic singer stands next to a TV, saying how much she loves it, especially during Christmas. And she keeps talking about it and at some point, makes reference to a poet, she talked to once, and how he talked of cinema being a lie. However, for Bjork, the TV is not like the cinema and she advices us “You shouldn’t let poets lie to you”.

As you must have already guessed, Bjork is talking ironically about the device, that had once changed our lives. Watch the video and apart from loving her voice and accent, you are going to agree with everything she’s talking about!

This short Björk video from 1988 is possibly the best thing on the internet. You shouldn’t let poets lie to you.

Posted by Pigeons and Planes on Wednesday, July 8, 2015