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Visionary Poetry #1: Koøje (Porthole)

Ozon Magazine launches  its new column Visionary Poetry in colaboration with the art production company visionary culture and curator Katerina Nikou.
Visual Poetry presents the written work of international artists. It is an attempt of approaching contemporary art beyond the stereotypic idea of the image. Artists also construct linguistic worlds , often more apocalyptic than images that reveal a personal vocabulary.
FOS (b. 1971) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy, School of Visual Arts in 1999. His artistic practice is far-reaching and versatile, and he has worked in a range of contexts: from distinguished museums and galleries around the world to temporary outdoor interventions in urban spaces, from the interior design of a shelter and the design of fashion stores to largescale permanent installations in public institutions. 
The poem “Koøje (Porthole)” is written as a part of his exhibition in Kunsthalle Charlottenborg and refers to collective memory.