Auto Ink by Chris Eckert

Chris Eckert is an artist who lives and works in San Jose, California. As he spent many years working as a mechanical engineer, designing and building factory automation, his inspiration comes from that specific field. His machines symbolize a continuing effort to unite automation with conceptual and artistic creations. As a matter of fact, auto ink is a three axis numerically controlled sculpture. Once the main switch is triggered, the operator is assigned a religion and its corresponding symbol is tattooed onto the persons arm. The operator does not have control over the assigned symbol. It is assigned either randomly or through divine intervention, depending on your personal beliefs. Eckert describes his philosophy as follows: “The strongest indication of a person’s religion is geography. You are born into your religion. While my personal experience with religion is one of inclusion, a system that unites people from different regions and cultures, the public face of religion is often one of exclusion. This public face of religion is always so certain, self-confident, even arrogant.”

Source: Chris Eckert