Hamboard could actually mean surfing on the road. It all started when a family of 7 surfers from Huntington Beach, California, that loved the sea and were all involved with various ways in it, decided to make something that felt like they were riding a surfboard when they rode it. It took them 8 years as to get it right over all kind of occasions such as dinner (pass the ketchup) trashing the garage, littering the yards with prototypes, searching anywhere and everywhere for the suitable combination of wood, wheels, trucks, bolts and bearings that would bring that unique flow and feel. And then, “God dropped the design in our laps” as the Hamborgs describe their inspiration. Till then, surfers, skaters and active people all over the world are having a blast carving big flowing turns, driving rail to rail hacks, or cross-steping up to the nose to hang ten on their Hamboards. Check out a live performance here.

Source: Notcot