Holga . D by Saikat Biswas

All time classic, cult camera Holga, returns and has never been better! Indian industrial designer Saikat Biswas, who is responsible for this transformation, kept all those features that make it special, and embodied them onto a digital more easy-to-use edition.

Yes, Holga is now digital, but nothing about it gives that away, since the display, commonly present at the back of every digital camera, is absolutely absent here, retaining the photographer’s anticipation of seeing the result of his photoshooting, after it’ s over.

Biswas kept the design as minimal as possible,with all the camera’s functions concentrated at a couple of buttons, while the new feature that pleasantly surprised many of us, was the adjustment of Holga for left-handed users.

Check here the features of the new Holga D. in more detail.