Flippinradio O Three: Back To The Basics

Second FO3, and still trying to consume previous week’s ideas. This time, with sounds that take us to past decades, the talent of Joel Dickson (Riot in Belgium) combined with the mainstream ingenuity of Dan Whitford (Cut Copy) generates Voltage. “All Night EP” was released by Cutters Records -owned by Dan- and includes two creations along with some remixes (Azari & |||, In Flagranti etc.).From Nu Disco,Future Disco up to House vocals by Ivan Vizintin, member of the indie band Ghoul, the entire EP easily occupies every ear’s labyrinth. We have chosen the release’s trailer as accompanying video since “All Night” is available at soundcloud [] and beatport []

The Canadian quartet of Young Empires is obsessed with triangles, symmetry and rhythmic world beats (see “Rain of Gold). With ease to create summer atmosphere they characterize their musical style as “World Beat Haute Rock”. You have to admit that you loved them…or hated them without even listening. “Wake All My Youth” is the EP that contains several tracks gathered into one. EP is available via soundcloud [here:]. We’ve chosen “Glory of The Night” which is not included in the EP, is quite darker and the video that comes along really draws attention.