Flippinradio O Three: Nightbox

This happy package of melody, rhythm and voice is the one that keeps the indie pop scene alive. Bands of 00’s or even better, bands of the ’10s like Polarsets, Foster The People, Two Door Cinema Club, etc. who write light music but on the other hand music that you could characterize it remarkable. In this FO3 we’ll deal with the Americans, Nightbox, who draw our attention last week, albeit with just one EP and some remixes to their credit. The same titled EP contains four tracks, one of which titled “Pyramid” was included in Kitsune Maison’s 11th collection. The above fact is indicative of their style, but also a good reason to start listening them. The entire EP is available for streaming via soundcloud.

Finally we loved the unique remix at Bravestation’s “Sign of the Civilized” at soundcloud.