George Nikas ʻHow To Live in Open Spacesʼ


(Island Def Jam Digital Distribution / Sonic Playground)

Songs written during the last three summers compose George’s Nikas first solo album, titled as ʻHow to Live in Open Spacesʼ. Music editor, guitarist/vocalist, member of the indie/rock band Zebra Tracks he has already released, along with Kostas Varvousis, Theo Vranas, and Antonis Kavadias, the single ʻSilicone Valleyʼ, the E.P. ʻZebra Tracksʼ and one L.P. under the name ‘A Family Picture From…’ From 2006 until 2009 the aspiring rock/pop group has performed at Urban Fest Osijek Croatia, opened Placebo at the Theater of Lykavitos, at Open Air Festival next to Kaiser Chiefs, Long Blondes, Good Shoes and most recently at Ejekt Festival 2010. Now, Georgos Nikas is releasing his first personal work which has, apart from a very nice cover, his own personal indie/rock aura. The album was recorded in London by Gou, mastered in New York by Boro and the instruments were played by Nikas himself. As a next step, the orchestration was completed with other instruments played by students of Westminster’s Music School. Indie folk icons have been influential to George’s Nikas music, such as Ben Harper, Jack Johnson and Ryan Adams while the essence of his music has been conceived with solely one guitar and one ukelele.
How to Live in Open Spaces is avaliable at online stores like Amazon, iTunes, emusic, myspacemusic, thumbplay and spotify by Island Def jam

01. Band without a van/02. Can’t go home/03. Your favourite song/04. Middle coast/05. Come and go/06. One day/07. Happy fool case/08. (She only studies) All night long/09. Untitled/10. Day off/11. Dance for rain

link: georgenikas