Halcyon Selects: Ana Lola Roman – 15 Minute God

Ana Lola Roman is a multi-faceted new artist from Brooklyn, who is up to release her debut album “Even Assassins Have Lovers and Romances” on January 2012 having electro-pop sounds and glam to super dry new-wave and avant-pop.  During the year she released the song “15 Minute God”, which is also her most recent video clip, directed by Matthew Caron. She cites influences from flamenco, tango, 80s pop, Sheffield synthpop and industrial, while international press already compares her to Nina Hagen, David Bowie and Roxy Music.

With a producer like Jean LucSinclair (Scissor Sisters) and her bizarre live performances that reminds us more of a theatrical play than a simple concert, Ana Lola Roman and her evolving talent keeps us anticipating her forthcoming album like any other artist this year.