Halcyon Selects: Light Asylum – Dark Allies

Light Asylum (Shannon Funchess and Bruno Coviello) is a stormy electro-goth darkwave duo from Brooklyn that released its debut EP “In Tension” by Mexican Summer, earlier this year, gaining immediate Pitchfork‘s attention which placed their first single “Dark Allies” into their list of the best new tracks. Their sound is a great mixture of synth pop, new wave and post-punk sounds and Shannon’s dramatic, magnetic voice sings powerfully the simple but evocative lyrics of their songs.

Her aggressive androgyny persona, armed with neon tubes, reminds us of a Grace Jones’ darker version and maybe she didn’t manage to create the expected hype around her name on the international music blogs yet, but she is already one of the most beloved performers at the best underground clubs of Tokyo, London and New York. Their first LP is set for release some time on 2012, and in the meanwhile they made their first US tour supporting YACHT.