Halcyon Selects: Sébastien Tellier – Cochon Ville

Our favourite French-guy Sébastien Tellier has just released his highly anticipated new album titled “My God Is Blue” via Record Makers and it seems like there is a whole nouveau-prophet-cult interesting concept behind it. Selecting, maybe not by chance, the end of the Easter celebrations around the world, Tellier is re-introduces himself as a blue Messiah giving his own three commandments “Prosterne-toi, Danse, Rêve”, which means “Prostrate, Dance, Dream”. Two months ago, after releasing a promo video for the song “Pépito Bleu”, we already had watched Tellier appearing as strange extraterrestrial deity which landed on Earth calling for his new followers, while on his next video for “Cochon Ville” (Pig City”), directed by Alex Courtès, we watch scenes from something like a ritual-party in his honor. Like a post modern Caligulean orgy, this extremely NSFW music video, contains some quite explicit scenes, but the final result is not just another superficially provocative or offensive video, since it is actually given with some high standard aesthetics. That’s not really something new, as the eccentric and unpredictable Sébastien Tellier has always been, not only a notable musician, but also a real conceptual artist.