Indian Music Festival ‘Tunji Mela’

Indian Music Festival ‘tunji mela’ on Saturday 12th of June at 20.30 @ Theatre of Benaki Museum of Peiraios.
People will have the chance to meet and enjoy Indian music, a kind of music with centuries of life, mostly known around the world due to their relation with cogitation.
Musician at the time of performance give special attention to the feelings raised among the audience. We should not forget that it is mainly spiritual music connected to the soul.
The festival ‘tunji mela’ (the fair of tunji) has 3 sections. The Athenian crowd will listen during the first 2 the 2 leading kinds of traditional Indian music, Dhrupad and Khayal, represented by 4 of the most important Indian musician while in the 3rd part the will show a dancing performance, Kathak dance by the famous Indian dances Shruti Bivas.