Αsger Juel Larsen – CCTV on fire

Asjer Juel Larsen

Asger Juel Larsen is a Danish fashion designer that showcased his A/W13 collection in Copenhagen Fashion week and has gained international attention for his pervasive rule-breaking aesthetic and his masterful aptitude for narrating forward-thinking fashion stories. A graduate of London College of Fashion, has worked for John Richmond and Burberry Prorsum before taking the plunge to create his own label. Asguer Juel Larsen will participate in the 6th edition of 4FASHIONSHAKE by OZON Magazine in May showcasing his latest collection sharing his unconventional and rebellious nod to the norm.

Do you feel that fashion can be seen as a medium of an autobiographic imprint of the creator? What would you like people to think of you when seeing your designs?
I think some people create from a single point of view, while others finds inspiration in their upbringing. Looking back at my previous collections, it’s not hard to tell that I used to listen to hard core, punk, hip hop and techno. Getting a genuine reaction from people, positive or negative, is really important to me. I would rather be childish, shock and surprise rather than do what everyone expects.
In every collection it is apparent that you draw inspiration from the past, which, with an ingenious craftsmanship, you combine with your vision of a sci-fi future. What makes past so appealing for a forwardthinking designer like you?
You have to be aware of the past to move forward. Ιt’s important you do a thorough research on the specific subject you are working
on. Military history, ‘80s sci-fi authors, films and cartoons have always inspired me. The combination of structure and rebellion, or military order and anarchy comes across throughout my work. One direction is never enough for me and I always draw inspiration from different time periods while trying to take it one step forward.
We all witnessed the boom of street-style blogs all around the world. Do you feel that personal style has faded away due to this information overload or did it have the opposite outcome?
Somehow you cannot be negative about this. People all around the world express themselves through the internet. When they adapt ideas and mix them with their own it’s cool. On the other hand, I’m so tired of this of 15-minutes- of-fame culture thing, hoping there’ll soon be some kind of counter-movement.
Let’s talk about 90’s. What is your favorite memory of that decade and which fashion item defines it best?
The fact that I was free without worries, listening to punk through my head phones while skateboarding at a beach in Denmark.
Not sure if I can find a specific item, but when my mom bought me my first skateboard I was more than happy; I was flying.
OZON Magazine’s 4FashionShake will be held shortly in Athens and you will be showing you’re A/W ’13 collection to the Greek public. What are you most anxious about?
I’m really thrilled about this. I’ve never been to Athens, so this is going to be a great experience for me. Traveling abroad and showcasing
your work to a different audience is always so exciting.

Interview: Vicky Florou