Roger Ballen & Die Antwoord @ Mouche Gallery

When music meets art in a gallery

For over forty years the acclaimed American photographer Roger Ballen has been a genuine defender of black & white aesthetic. The main focus of the Johannesburg-based photographer was the villages, the inhabitants and the white underclass of rural South Africa. His poetic conjunctions of people, animals and objects, are presented in an allegorical ambiance so powerful and intense, bringing on the surface the darkest sides of human soul that captures the viewer immediately.

This unique artistic aesthetic of Roger Ballen caught also the attention of one of the most successful music duo of the last couple of years, the South-African  Die Antwoord. The eccentric rap-rave duo proposed to Roger Ballen to co-direct the already award-winning music video ‘I Fink U Freaky’  that counts more that 30 million views on YouTube.

Watch the music video ‘I Fink U Freaky’:

A few weeks ago, Mouche Gallery has opened its doors for all the fans of the work of Roger Ballen and Die Antwoord in order to experience the sensation of the surrealistic world of ‘I Fink U Freaky’ through installations and the distinctive photographic work of Ballen.

Watch the opening of the exhbition video :

‘I FINK U FREEKY’ Mouche Gallery Installation + Interview – Roger Ballen + Die Antwoord from T.REX Films on Vimeo.

The exhibition was held on April the 16th until May the 10th at Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills.

The photographic book entitled: Roger Ballen & Die Antwoord ‘I Fink U Freaky’ will be available on bookstores in the end of summer.