A Hommage A L’Art


The project with the name ‘’A Hommage a l’Art,’’ was created by the photographer Koen Hauser and the stylist Maarten Spruyt. It is is a ode to the regal women in Africa who wear colorful fabrics. The project draws its inspiration from the Dutch fabric company Vlisco, which sees 90% of its sales come from Africa. Vlisco is one of the world’s leading fabric companies and has a large history and achievements (including having pioneered in the production of Indonesian batik cloth) since it was founded in 1846.

Text: Karagiorgou Ioanna

koen-hauser-for-vlisco-02 koen-hauser-for-vlisco-03-600x399 koen-hauser-for-vlisco-04-600x399 koen-hauser-for-vlisco-05-600x399 koen-hauser-for-vlisco-06-600x399