An Unknown Quantity by Wataru Bob Shimosato

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Yiorgos Mavropoulos shoots the influential street-style bloggers of New York. They answer to Ozon Raw’s Questions.

Where are you from?
Nagano, Japan.

When did you start ‘An Unknown Quantity’ and what inspired you to do so?
December 2010. In Japan, I was reading a lot of street style websites and magazines. I wanted my own blog.

Why did you choose the name ‘An Unknown Quantity’?
The people and things I like, cannot be measured or judged by numbers or anything like that.

Who are your readers?
People with whom I share the same point of you.

Apart from your blog, are there any other websites or magazines you contribute to?
Japanese NYLON, ELLE, Men’s Club and some others.

What gear do you use? (i.e. camera, lens, speed, aperture, etc).
A D3s with a Sigma 85mm F1.4 lens.

Where do you usually shoot?
In Soho, except for rainy or snowy days.

What is the style that you usually look for when you shoot people?
Unique. Original.

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Who is your favorite fashion icon?
Anne Koch, set designer/artist. I respect Takayuki Ishizaki, owner of “Atelier103” in Tokyo.

How would you define fashion?
As a very important part of life style.

Describe your personal style.
Simple and easy to wear clothes with nice details and long tops.

What are you wearing now? (As in the picture attached).
A Y-3 long shirt, Rick Owens bottoms, M.A+ boots and a Kagari Yusuke bracelet.

Who is your favorite designer?
BLESS, got me into fashion when I was in high school.

Where do you shop your own wardrobe?
I do not really shop anymore but I like “Atelier” and “IF” in NY.

What do you like in New York?
Meeting a lot of interesting people who respect you and don’t judge you by your age, gender or ethnicity.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
No idea. I think I’ll keep doing what I like.

Photography: Yiorgos Mavropoulos