‘Ashes to Ashes’ by M. Kalamaris // DIGITARIA SS11

Digitaria Kalamaris

Digitaria Kalamaris

Ashes to Ashes is a short story by the photographer Marios Kalamaris referring to the Digitaria S/S11 collection ‘Phoenix’. The collection was exclusively presented in October and a long expected fashion film of it at OZON’s 4FS II, by Pantelis Makkas.

Marios Kalamaris’ lense captured the symbol of rebirth, strength for survival &revival. Liquid forms along with a unique structure, characterist of the photographer’s maniere portraited the procedure of this metamorphosis with a pessimistic element, through Digitaria’s eathereal, fine textures.
*Featuring Valisia (Phoenix Catscratch)

link: DIGITARIA // Marios Kalamaris
Kalamaris Digitaria