Aumorfia: Where Beauty Has No Shape


Theano Ravazoula-Potamianou creates functional, alternative and polymorfic objects, with multiple possibilities of use. By approaching her designing procedure more like industrial design, and not as gashion or jewelry design, her garments can be transformed based on the wearer, their mood and their looks change based on the viewing angle.. She has named her brand Aumorfia, as a conjuction of the greek words Ομορφιά (=beauty) and Αμορφία (=shapelessness).

The greek island of Lefkada works as inspiration to her. It is a place where she has been spending lots of time over the last decade. “It is an island, with both incredible beauty and anarchy. But its wind, its aura has lots of freedom and craziness. In Lefkada, I feel calm, I have the space and time to work on all these images I have gathered from time to time and shape them into objects”.

“What I actually do is give answers to those who have decided what feels nice on them and let free anyone who keeps working on this idea and experimenting.”, since for the designer Aumorfia is a place, where beauty does not focus in standard shapes. Instead, “The shape of beauty comes from free thinking of the one who is shaping it”. She does not design for a specific kind of person, but she would rather address to free and restless ones.

At the same time, Theano Ravazoula-Potamianou is working as an interior architect and it’s quite normal for her -like all architects- to be difficult to abstain from the discipline, even when designing for Aumorfia. “I can not get away from my obsession with architectural composition, as a result of my education. But it is an impulse for me, at the same time. Whenever I see beautiful compositions surrounding me, (nature, fashion, a face, a show), I want to turn them into Aumorfia objects. Through this restriction of architectural design’s rules, I feel incredibly free”.

You can find Aumorfia at ozonboutique.

photos: Vasilis Topouslidis