Balilla: Jewellery as Work of Art!

balilla accessories

Lilla Balazs is the designer behind the brand Βalilla. Τhe London College of Fashion graduate come from Hungary and she creates unique pieces, while each one is seen as a mini work of art!

Her final collection earned her the Hand&Lock Prize, one of the most renowned textile-embroidery awards globally. For the same collection, she was among the finalists of the Μarie Claire Νew Designer Award. The same year, meaning 2012, she started her own brand, after having worked next to Gareth Pugh and Una Burke.

Her jewelry are a result of their creator’s tendancy towards experimentation, in combination with her insistence on detail, her research for innovation and her need for freedom and expression. In such way, her accessories give women the way to upgrade their everyday style, change their routine. Lilla is inspired by her travels, pop culture and timeless design. Ηer creations are handmade and produced in London.

You can find Balilla at OZON Boutique