Brand of the Day: Bureau Tonic!

bureau tonic

There is a brand, coming from Paris, which is not just another brand. it’s called Bureau Tonic.

Οlivier Toggwiler and Camille Domergue regard each one of their garments as a project, and you will be able to note it yourselves, too. We can assure you of that.

Influenced by minimalism of the 20th century, and its architectural and artistic expression, the two designers founded their brand, in 2014. And despite all that, their garments can be globally found and we are really proud to let you know that you can make them yours as well, thanks to OZON Boutique.

Bold colors, straight lines, impeccable forms. These are three of the most striking features of the dresses you will fall in love with this year. From day till night. During work, for a walk, for a night out. Bureau Tonic is not just the brand of the day, it’s among the brands of the upcoming season!

We had an interview with them, which you will soon be able to read, where Olivier and Camille talk about the brand, you will love as much as we.

*You can find the Bureau Tonic dresses at OZON Boutique.

*Τα φορέματα των Bureau Tonic, θα τα βρείτε στο OZON Boutique.