Bucharest Youth

Diane, 23/Student

1. Andy, 35/Doctor
2. Irina, 23/Jewelerist
3. Diane, 23/Student
5.Marta, 25/Photographer
6.Sebastian, 30/Architect
7.Elena, 21/Student
8.Catinca, 22/Cabin attendant

OZON was present at the opening of the 4th Biennial of Contemporary Art of Bucharest. Except for talks and exhibitions Ozon had the chance to walk around the centre of the Rumanian capital taking pictures of the youths of the city. Loads of smiles and good mood despite the difficult economic situation (cut downs of 25% to the salaries of state employees and 15% to pensions) due to the decisions of the International Monetary Funds. Everyone was out in the streets during yesterday’s strike in Romania.