CaT bLaCK: Jewels and more…

Cat Black is one of the most well-known and recognizable figures in downtown Athens. This is where she goes, where she designs, where she lives, where she works as a DJ. Folks know her as Diana and she designs and manufactures custom made, unique, gothic inspired jewelry that add a certain missing “glow” to your outfit.

Why did you name you brand Cat Black?
I was always fond of cats, especially black ones. I love opposing superstitions. When I come across black cats, the number thirteen and others such as these, it’s almost a turn on.

Your jewelry has strong geometric influences. To be more specific, you tend to use the triangle quite often in your designs. Does it represent anything in particular for you?
I like geometric shapes. Mostly the most basic ones, as I find them simple but interesting. The triangle has a certain historic value, with so many hidden symbolisms and references. For instance: having its base downwards corresponds with the sun, the male figure, fire. Whereas having the peak turned downwards refers to the moon, the female form and water. It is the same shape and yet conveys so many different meanings.


Both your blog and your jewelry, have a Native American aesthetic. Are you somehow connected with this culture?
The last collection that I designed is indeed Native American influenced. The collection is titled “Cowboys and Indians”. When adding feathers, raw metals and turquoise stones it’s almost hard to avoid ending up there. Furthermore, the aesthetic of this culture is over the top and crowded which is something that I personally prefer.

What inspires you?
Everything around me resonates. It may inspire an idea, a thought or even just a small sketch I can use later. Cats, pop culture, history, human anatomy, the music I hear and how I am able to accentuate my favorite body parts all play a role.

Why did you choose jewelry as your medium?
It was what I always longed to do, but it hadn’t ever gone any further in the past.


Would you like to expand into other fields? I hear music is an even bigger passion of yours.
Apart from being a designer you are also a DJ. How did that come about? Almost a year ago now, a friend of mine planned to DJ at a bar we used to frequent. I was there, I gave it a go and it just magically fell into place from there.

Recently, you collaborated with Dreamer and launched an entirely new space, in the city center. What exactly are your plans for this?
“Neon Raum” as we named it, is an open platform combining a photography studio, a showroom, a workshop, an exhibition space and much more. It’s a plethora of opportunities for one to find the elusive Black Cat jewellery.

Interview: Natasa Koumi

Photos by: Yiorgos Mavropoulos