Christian Profico Lookbook S/S ’14


The young designer Christian Profico presented his Spring/Summer 2014 collection, entitled as Placebo, during his second year at the prestigious Italian fashion school Polimoda. His bound to have a successful in the fashion industry. Having already put a rather impressive campaign, the young designer attires his man exclusively in black and white. The garments may look plain and ordinary, though they are embellished with leather trimmings and pleats, while there is a fabric O.D. The young designer manages to give casualwear a new twist through his creations.

Placebo_fy_1 Placebo_fy_2 Placebo_fy_3 Placebo_fy_4 Placebo_fy_5 Placebo_fy_6 Placebo_fy_7 Placebo_fy_8 Placebo_fy_9 Placebo_fy_11 Placebo_fy_12 Placebo_fy_13 Placebo_fy_14 Placebo_fy_15 Placebo_fy_16 Placebo_fy_17