Cleo Gkatzeli: Inspirations


Through her creations, Cleo Gkatzelis, reminds us that everyday life can be special and imaginative, through simple things, as long as there is inspiration, a sense of humor and positive energy. It’s these things that combine to create Cleo Gkatzeli’s “Inspirations”, with her elaborate, colorful beach towels, forming just a part of a highly inspired and optimistic mind.

What inspires you?

Materials. New materials and even older stuff that I always have hidden away somewhere for future use, hoping that they will provide me with an idea. Beyond that, everyday life is full of shapes, colors and materials that can spur my imagination.

You’ve channeled your creativity towards unusual objects, such as clothes, jewelry, but also covers and beach towels as well. How did these ideas come about?

Who says they’re unusual? We’re so focused on other items of everyday use, that I found it “unfair” not to focus on clothes. Why shouldn’t they have extra character as well? So that’s how it began.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve been asked to make?

A towel with a naked female figure on it, for a friend of my brother, a trucker.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m preparing a series of beach towels that are not just aimed at our own beaches, since I’ve been exporting my work to other Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy over the past year. I’m also preparing an order for the Middle East at the moment, a series of towels richly adorned with tassels and sashes. It’s going to be a business gift.

What is it that completely relaxes you?

The sound of the sea. To be honest, only sleep completely relaxes me. Oh yes, and a shot of tsipouro!

Interview: Vicky Florou
Photo by: Christos Tzimas
Translation: Gerard Papasimakopoulos