Diesel Fresh & Bright Supeheroes + Diesel Greece gets Supercharged

Diesel Fresh & Bright Superheroes Campaign

Diesel has its own team of Superheroes promoting its underwear series. The Superhero team includes: ‘Supperman’, ‘Dr Score’, ‘Mistress of Puppies’, ‘Iron Boy’, ‘Miss Dismiss’,’LaLaLady’, ‘Visible woman’ and ‘Mr. Naker’ all armed with useless yet funny superpowers and ‘equipped’ with Diesel’s Super bright underwear. See the heroes in all the glory in Diesel’s Fresh & Bright Superheroes Interactive Site

Moreover the New Year found Diesel Hellas within important changes! From January the 15th 2011, one of Diesel’s top managers, Italian Paolo Zonda, is the managing director of Diesel Hellas with the main goal of achieving the ambitious plans of Diesel, empowering its global status as an iconic lifestyle brand!!!