Disney Stores Won’t Divide This Season’s Halloween Costumes by Gender


Halloween is close and the research for the right costume is off. For both gron-ups and kids. And while the first ones, are always more creative when it comes to their costumes, kids always prefer to dress up like their favorite cartoon heroes, especially the classical Disney ones. The Disney Stores however, this year want all kids to feel nice with themselves, so they decided to divide the costumes, by age and not by gender. This means that all costumes will be hanging at the same spot.

As a result, kids will have the chance to pick the costume they want, helping self-confidence of both kids and their parents. Because being different, is not bad. Instead, it’s awesome. Just like Disney’s motto “I Am Awesome”.

We are all awesome, no matter the costume. Besides, it’s not the costume that makes the man underneath it.