DIY: 4 Different Ways To Wear Your White Shirt

Peter Lindbergh for Vogue, 2003
Peter Lindbergh for Vogue, 2003

The white shirt is, for sure, one of the most classic clothes in every woman’s wardrobe. And it’s time to start wearing it differently, based on the fashion houses’ trends, as they were presented on the spring 2016 runways.

Monse, Altuzarra, Joseph and Zac Posen reconstitute the classic white shirt in many fashionable ways. Been wore as strapless shirt, one-shoulder blouse or even as a skirt, the white shirt has been presented differently by the fashion houses and we show you four ways to do it yourself.

#1. The off-shoulder top

the off shoulder top

We’ve seen it at Zac Posen’s show for spring 2016. The shirt keeps its classic shape, with a little change, which makes it look more female, leaving the shoulders shown. You have just to unbutton the first four buttons and slide off the shoulder. It’s the perfect tip to change a little bit its shape, and to look more female and chic.

#2. The one-shoulder-blouse

one-shoulder blouse

This was Monse’s suggestion for spring 2016, which gives a really different form to the shirt. Converted into an one-shoulder-blouse, the white shirt takes its “girliest” edition. How to do it yourself? Just unbutton the first three buttons and take the sleeves completely off. Then bring one sleeve to the front and the other sleeve to the back. In the end, bring the sleeve at the back over your shoulder and tie both sleeves together at the front. And that’s just how you have created your DIY one-shoulder-blouse as the Monse’s one.

#3. The strapless shirt

strapless shirt

There isn’t any simplier different edition of the shirt than this one. If you have never tried it, Joseph impels you to do it. Unbutton the buttons, take of the sleeves completely and, just, tie them at the front. The tied-at-the-front sleeves look like a bow and you have transformed your classic white shirt into a sexy strapless shirt.

#4. A skirt with a slit


The craziest suggestion comes from Altuzarra- a real transformation of your white shirt. The shirt becomes a shirt, and the buttons become a sexy slit. And even if this suggestion is really daring, it’s the next trend. Unbutton the buttons and slide your shirt down to your waist. Shift it so the buttons are at the side and unbutton a couple of buttons from the bottom to create a slit. Lastly tie the sleeves around your waist and create a sexy skirt with geometric cut-outs.