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3.Paradis Spring/Summer 2014 Collection



Emeric “Rico” Tchatchoua and Raymond “Samuray” Cheung, are the designers behind 3.Paradis. Theyhail from Paris and Hong Kong and are graduates of the LaSalle Fashion School in Montreal. These well travelled and cultural differences are evident in their designs. In 2012 they travelled around the world together. Their combined label is the realisation of their ambition to introduce their approach and passion for art and fashion into luxury ready to wear garments. With 3.Paradis they deconstruct menswear ideals and conventions. The latest collection, ‘The White Door’ exemplifies the design approach that has been influenced by European and Asia street style and lifestyle culture. The pieces in the collection have a touch of the avant-garde, whilst maintaining a minimalist monochrome colour palette. Sporty pants, with sweatshirts and fitted quilted T shirts in mostly black and white, with flashes of beautifully realised floral prints make up this collection which moves the menswear story along nicely.

Text: Lazaros Tzovaras

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