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Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2015: A Story To Tell


Τhom Browne’s new show was a fairy tale. He is the one to have written it. And Diane Keaton was the one to recite it. The models were the heroes of the story of the 6 sisters, who live and dress up together. From Monday till the end of the week, every day in the statue garden with the blue, white and red flowers, they are playing with their clothes a different game every time.

And Thom Browne gave them more, to keep playing and experimenting. Thirty different looks, with only one restriction: form. A form, that remains the same and austere. But is however enriched thanks to the vivid fabric, motifs, sometimes it is deconstructed and reconstructed, other times it is constructed while deconstructing. He is not obsessed with form, as usually. As a victim of his own tenacity mupltiple times, he evades doing it literal this time. He lets his story drive him.

And Stephen Jones is accompanying him. There is one hat for every look. The maste miliners and his team spent the whole summer so as to take part in Browne’s story, that does not highlight only his craftmanship. It highlights his thougths and that his greatest weapon as a creator is his genius.

For his previous collection (Menswear Spring/Summer 2015), he set his troubling for human kind at the forefront. This time he used a story. Who knows what follows next? As long as he does not return to his lust for form. Because he does not always succeed. This time his experiment was a hit.

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