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Topshop Has a New Policy Towards Mannequins


It is common knowledge that none of the mannequins used by reatilers is an accurate presentation of the average body. Always taller, thinner, almost in no agreement with any other person on earth.

This is not something we are the only ones to have noticed. Laura Berry has done so, too and has decided to get in touch with Topshop, after visiting one of their shops to get her favourite Jamie Jeans. She was really bothered by the mannequin used though, that she decided to show it by getting in touch with the company, expressing her doubts about this controversial subject. “Perhaps it’s about time you became responsible for the impression you have on women and young girls and helped them feel good about themselves rather than impose these ridiculous standards.” posted Berry on Topshop’s Facebook page. The company soon, after that replied to her adding that this figure will no longer be used by them. And if you count how many times both the post and Topshop’s reply have been liked, then there are lots of people happy with that!