This season, the LACOSTE L!VE present us the real talents of New York. The artist Aakash Nihalini, Amanda Warner, member of the electro duo MNDR and Leyla Safai from punk hip hop group HeartsChallenger, are in the center of this campaign season. They were photographed by American photographer Mark Hunter, Cobrasnake, as the print campaign was completed on the streets of Brooklyn driven by street tape art of Aakash Nihalani. Entering the website we can find further information about LACOSTE L!VE Unconventional talents. A series of digital video, give us the chance to come closer to MNDR, the Aakash Nihalani and HeartsChallenger and understand their work and influence from New York. In can also have a look of the summer collection. Introducing the Brooklyn as a life experience and background of the campaign, LACOSTE L!VE highlights the timelessness of a summer wardrobe with color and detail. In we will find, soon, the cooperation of Micah Lidberg, full of imagination and fantastic creatures.

Aakash Nihalani talked about his fresh approach to street art in his apartment in Williamsburg. Then, he showed how he works to the streets of NY.

The meeting with the member of MNDR took place in a small studio in Brooklyn, where she was recording her debut album. In the evening she gave a concert in one of the hippest club in town and then she took the “tour” of New York night.

Leyla and Ben of HeartsChallenger, spoke while working on their new project: a small ice cream truck completely covered with crystals. The discussion moved to their apartment and then across the sunny Williamsburg Bridge.