Feature: All that she wants – Margarita Michelakou

Text: Margarita Michelakou / Commentary: Yorgos Kelefis / Photography: Carolina Mey / Make-up: Mairy Fakinou

Margarita Michelakou is a familiar figure of many years. As well as reading her articles we occasionally run into her in local bars. She is what her texts are: true and forward. Until a few weeks ago, she held the helm of Marie Claire in Greece. Soon she is about to guide us to different trails through her writing. Just be patient mate, as she would say.


The body of Elle, the hair of Gisele, the style of Alexa Chung, the humour of Tina Fey, Vanessa Paradis’ man, a man who would die for her, a man who makes her suffer, a father who spoils her, a mother who never calls, an ex who never got over her, a mate with whom there is always something in the air, immortal plants, no one starring when she puts on make up, three kilos less, taking baths, growing just brow hair, knowing how to cook gourmet food with leftovers, a dog who sleeps on his bed, a cat who hates plants, a sexy personal trainer, a sympathetic cleaner, a fantastic beautician she discovered and will only let her friends know, having coffee everyday with girlfriends, a girl-mate like Patsy out of Ab Fab, a gay friend who loves make-overs, a male boss, a female president, wasting time without guilt, retiring in style like Madonna, trees everywhere, no hungry children, a warm nest for all animals, telepathically switching heaters, entering her high school jeans, watching Glee uninterrupted, looking beautiful in wet hair, no one changing position to her stuff, nobody asking her age, finding the right make up for her complexion, quit smoking, no one troubling her, being needed, being loved.