Flash For Fun – A Diesel Ingenuity

Scenesters, lend me your ears! Run out of a new way to impress your competition at the club on a Friday night? The Diesel creative team has heard your desperate cries and has come up with every ‘nocturnal alter egos’ dream. Diesel’s new appropriately named line ‘Flash For Fun’ isn’t your typical jeans, tee and underwear collection; this apparel glows in the dark! Under a UV light, exclusive Diesel designs and messages will appear that under normal light wouldn’t be visible.

On the back pocket of a men’s FFF denim jean an oriental dragon appears and on the women’s disco balls and trompe l’oeil earphones blaze thanks to this elite stitching. Tanks and T-shirts reveal hidden glowing slogans while Flash For Fun undies offer a cheeky surprise.