Food Purses And Accessories By Rommy Kuperus!

food purses by rommy kuperus!

Rommy Kuperus loves food and that’s exactly what makes her create all these beautiful bags and purses. She is a young designer with a great success abroad and her art is not only pretty but also unique.

The new designer from Germany combines food, fashion and fun and the results are really impressive! In order to complete her pretty and colourful looks Rommy creates her own accessories such as jewelry and bags so that they can look like her favourite foods. In this way she can have them all with her every single time she goes for a walk. As a result a piece of cake, a burger, some pancakes, candy and eggs can make her look different and really unique, as well.


“My creations are full of energy and colour with a sense of humour. I like to see products in a different way and go against the rules because that will create a unique product!” she says. While lots of her creations are for aesthetic purposes only lots of them can be used just like a bag or a purse, for example, so that you can put your keys, mobile phone and money there. You can find her whole collection on