G-Star: “Raw for the Oceans” collection



G-Star presents its new collection, “Raw for the Oceans”. The collection is a  collaboration of G-Star with Bionic Yarn, Vortex Project, Parley for Oceans and Pharrel Williams, as art director. Thought this unique collection which was constructed from Bionic Yarn, an ecological yarn  made from recycling plastic bottles. G-Star presents proudly the first eco-friendly denims ever made. Scientific research shows that plastics in the ocean are three times more comparing to fishery each year, so a solution must be found. G-Star and its partners with the use of revolutionary technology, not only they cleaned the oceans from plastics but also transform them into new generation of denim. This first collection of “Raw for the Oceans” has already used 10 tones of plastic from oceans. “Raw for the  Oceans”  collections comes with jeans, t shirts, sweatshirts and hats both for men and women, reinforcing the purpose of this act by giving a sense of style. The main colours of the collection, blue and black. The fabrics are soft and really tough. The collection will be in stores by September.

Pharrell-G-Star-Raw-Collection-Clothes-001 Pharrell-G-Star-Raw-Collection-Clothes-002 Pharrell-G-Star-Raw-Collection-Clothes-003 Pharrell-G-Star-Raw-Collection-Clothes-004 Pharrell-G-Star-Raw-Collection-Clothes-005 Pharrell-G-Star-Raw-Collection-Clothes-006 Pharrell-G-Star-Raw-Collection-Clothes-007 Pharrell-G-Star-Raw-Collection-Clothes-008 Pharrell-G-Star-Raw-Collection-Clothes-010 Pharrell-G-Star-Raw-Collection-Clothes-011 Pharrell-G-Star-Raw-Collection-Clothes-012 Pharrell-G-Star-Raw-Collection-Clothes-020