Greg Masouras Merges Cartoons With Fashion

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Grigoris Masouras, a Greek illustrator, has managed to combine fashion and animation in his images, which are reproduced by the greatest fashion designers in the world. We met with him and talked about his unique way of thinking, his creative process and his plans for the future.
*Interview by Christina Lygdopoulou

The only thing we know about you is your Instagram name. Could you tell us a bit more about yourself?
My name is Grigoris Masouras, I am 22 years old. I have studied baking and pastry and I live in Athens, Greece.

2. How did animation enter your life? Have you completed any relevant studies?
Animation came into my life unexpectedly, a year and a half ago. I had bought a new cell phone and wanted to try out its camera, so I started taking various photos around Athens. At some point, I thought it would be cool to add some cartoons in the images. It started off as a hobby. Some ofmy friends saw these images and really liked them and encouraged me to continue doing what I was doing. So, I did. I haven’t completely any animation studies, but I have watched many videos on-line in order to become better at what I do.

3. What role does fashion play in your everyday life?
Fashion constantly changes and at a fast pace. What I find to be the most interesting aspect of fashion, is that it can change someone positively as well as negatively. I can’t really say that fashion plays a specific role in my life. I like being up to date by borrowing elements and adjusting them in my everyday life.

4. Who is your favorite designer?
I can’t say I have a favorite designer. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on fashion. I simply observe fashion, therefore each season I might like something different.

5. What is the main source of inspiration for your images?
Our city, Athens, is my main source of inspiration. I really love this city and I want to make people see how beautiful it really is through my eyes. Even if that means recruiting special guests!

6. How do you edit your images?
When I start working onan image, I discover ways and methods that can give me the result I want.

7. What are your plans for the future?
I really don’t have an answer to this question. I don’t like making plans. For the time being, I am doing something that I love and that is enough for me. I’m only 22, so I don’t feel the need to make any plans for the future just yet.