HEINRUP label and Slow Fashion

HEINRUP weekend bag

London based, label HEINRUP launches its first collection unisex bags and inspired by the Slow Fashion movement, will continue to release only one exclusive collection each year.

Since OZON RAW is a magazine for Slow Fashion, we decided to contact Anna Heinrup, founder and creative director of the label and discuss with her about the ‘Slow Concept’, which is the philosophy behind HEIRNUP.Anna Heinrup told us that having a busy life in London, has affected her in a negative way and she felt the need to change a few things to get her life balance back. This is how she also felt about the fashion industry, which has the same ‘symptoms’, but with a big difference… The fashion industry is a big machine that would take a large effort for many people and companies to reach a turning point.

HEINRUP collection

For the Swedish designer, there is no valid reason for fashion houses to release up to 8 collections per year, or as the highstreet brands, have new clothes in store every week. It all adds to the mountain of consumer goods which take energy and resources from the environment to produce, transport, store and eventually decompose or end up in a landfill. Also, good design should be allowed time to develop and improve, and in the current fast climate there just isn’t any time to make sure that the final product is the very best it can be.
HEINRUP believes that giving direction and encouragement is far more effective and inspirational than telling people what not to do.

‘A quality item of genuinely good design rates so much higher, on so many levels, as an investment than the super cheap top that will fall apart after the third wash and be out of fashion by the end of the season. We hope to offer an alternative which people can apply themselves, to start a slow change. I think people long for a slower pace in general and since design is my area, this is where I begin. Hopefully our ‘Slow Concept’ can inspire more people to reevaluate how they consume, and encourage them to choose quality before quantity.’

HEINRUP Collection