How Kanye West and Marc Jacobs Fell in Love

kanye and marc

Everyone could consider that Marc Jacobs was the one who introduced  Kanye West into fashion.
Long before the release of  Yeezy x Adidas Originals, the artist had worked with Louis Vuitton, where the Creative Director was Marc Jacobs, to create his first Capsule collection. This collection has experienced only positive feedback and it even overshadowed the corresponding chanel’s collection.

However, the romance between the two artists did not occurr at this stage of their lives. Recently, Kanye West phoned Jacobs to discuss about a coomon favorite artist who had collaborated with Vuitton, Takashi Murakami. Jacobs himself declares: “Our discussion about Murakami turned into a conversation about many other things, and this lasted for hours. From the beginning we had a good connection and it was a really fascinating conversation. Eventually, we began to talk about shoes, and just like this his collaboration with Vuitton occurred. ”

Even now Jacobs declares his love for the rapper. ” Kanye is so smart, so creative and so oriented. Even now with his success, he is still constantly reading and studying art and fashion. He is passionate and dedicated to his work.”