Giorgio Presca



You have worked and somehow empowered big brands like Levi’s and Diesel. What have you gained from your previous work? Which are the most important elements apart from experience? I have had the privilege to work on developing some of the most iconic clothing and lifestyle brands. More than that, I have had the honour to work in many countries with a lot of people that I consider true masters in their specific job and vision. I learnt a lot about people that can make the difference both individually and as a team: this is what I try to bring with me everyday.

Since 2007 Wrangler is your new mission. What is your vision about Wrangler? Wrangler has been and still is the only true “outdoors” jeans brand among the true iconic original american denim providers. It already is a denim icon: what I’ll try to do is to ensure a team of talented people that breathe and live the brand. I strongly believe that every brand can be managed, but if you really want to make it unique you need people that define and re-define the brand everyday. People that really make the brand their own personality and attitude. To make this really happen we are growing our team both in the hq and in the countries with strong Wrangler personalities: they will drive the innovation and the energy that will make the difference and the future for this incredible brand.

What is the biggest new project you are working on now? What new to expect from Wrangler? There are many: the two biggest ones anyway are the product offer and the communication approach. Our products will always innovate each season, but it is important for the face of Wrangler to be even more visible. The new communication work “We are Animals” is very exciting…thus being very true: it reminds us of our instinctive drive. The ads have denim as the focus, combined with a strong rugged feel. It is about being true to yourself and the real values of the heart of Wrangler.

I guess what makes a brand successful is the combination of big sales with a nice, strong image. Do you agree? Well’ yes, you are right, but this is the final result combined of several factors: people in each area, product and communication.

Are there any Wrangler stores opening soon in Greece? Any special plans about Greece? We are currently more concentrated in making our brand alive with our partners and retailers than of looking into direct retail. We aim to be the best partner for our retailer and we are investing to ensure that they will be the best partner for us. We consider retail as a place where showcasing the full brand experience, but it is not a short term project.

What aspects of Wrangler as a brand and an iconic name in urban wear seem more challenging to you? I guess it is a matter of relevance and consistency: we need to be sure that we properly translate our drive and passion into products and communications that are relevant both for today’s and tomorrow’s Wrangler endorsers in every thing we do and in every country…..and this is challenging

If you were asked to choose the ideal word that fits next to “Wrangler” which one would you pick and why? Adrenalin – because this is where we started, from being in the saddle of a horse, to today on a motorbike saddle. Adrenalin is what makes us feel truly alive.

The current ad campaign “We are Animals” is a totally new proposal, a different world compared to the Wild West and rodeo atmosphere that Wrangler had strongly adopted the previous years. Did you contribute to this change? “We Are Animals” is a reminder of the true Wrangler spirit, the same spirit that is in the Wild West and the rodeo. I believe strongly that you must pioneer and break new ground in all areas. Advertising is no different; we wanted to be more than just another pair of nice jeans on a nice model. So we created this new idea for people to interact with and be challenged by. The agency that worked on this idea and that tribute should be paid to is FFL: an amazing french agency that is willing to challenge