Harald Lunde Helgesen


Harald Lunde Helgesen, 24, from Norway, one of the winners of the festival d’ Hyeres discusses his collection “A/W 2509 BC” and travels back in time all the way to ancient Mesopotamia

What was the inspiration for your collection “Autumn/Winter 2509 BC”?
It was something I stumbled over while looking through books about the Sumerians. The wardrobe of Iraqi archaeology site workers is the inspiration for my collection. They are the local workers helping at the dig. They are dressed in amazing assemblages of old and new, worn and mended, traditionally cut garments and western influences.

How did you turn brown into such an interesting colour?
In a similar way an archaeologist digs through layers of sand and earth and reveals hidden treasures; the colour brown consists of elements of all the colours in the spectrum. It comes in endless variations, but even more interesting, when you separate the elements, or rather pigments, you see all the different colours disguised in it.


Why menswear?
Men in general also seem to have a more specific and personal approach to fashion and what they put on every day. Some men only wear certain colours, certain brands or certain materials. Men have a great attention to detail and take great care in how they roll their shirtsleeves up, how they tie their ties or lace their boots up… They are difficult to please, but once you have them on your side, they stay loyal.

How would you describe the man you design for?

He will not have a too serious approach to getting dressed; fashion is fun! But fashion can be fun without basing itself on fads, and this guy is not likely to jump onto any short-lived trends.

What would the soundtrack to this collection be?
For the catwalk shows I have had with this collection I have used music by the “Fuck Buttons”. The track “Ribs Out” has a great primitive sound; very pre civilization, raw and powerful.